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Strange Dreams
Strange Dreams
I keep having these odd dreams. They feel like they are real. As though I were actually there. Shimmers of something. In the corner of my eye it flashes. I don't know what it is. I feel like something is coming. In my head it seems closer and closer every night. What is coming? I don't know. A choice perhaps? A decision on which my whole life will stand.
A man standing on a stool, ready to fall over. Two men start, Punches, Kicks, soon an all out brawl. Erupting like a volcano's magma. Spreading through the room. Bottles fly and words are thrown. Heated debates sit in the still-running-microwave.
Blundering around like awkward disabled children. Our knees crack and backs break. Old age defiles our skin like the poisons we inject into it. The facade of human rage and jealousy.
A different mask for every one. A greedy grin, a heroic hurrah, a sly sleeve, a prideful poet, an artistic awe. Puzzle pieces not quite fitting, son't worry, the Mechanic will fix it for you by poun
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we may not be perfect people
but we're perfect for eachother
sunlight dances across my eyelids
iluminating memories just inside my head
I wonder if you're thinking of me
smiles on my face to hide my dread
is it not so easy to see?
let me be the sunlight
to brighten your world
in instances of fear
we as humans hide
hide behind empty smiles
hide our tears
I could not hide them
not from you
it was you that caused them
but you cried too
I have never met someone
quite so different
that doesn't hide
you're not indifferent
you tell me your stories
you tell me your cheer
and in those sad times
you tell me your fears
let me be that sunlight
that wakes the moon
let me be your star scape
to guide you through
the sun, the moon, the stars
they are always there
brightening our worlds
with nothing to compare
you've been hurt before
and so have I
so let's be perfect for eachother
just one more try
be my mountains
standing tall and strong
be my turning rivers
hiding hope thats long gone
be my flash fir
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slightly worried at what I might find
when I search the terraces of your mind
as doors slam shut to hide deceit
will we always come to land on our feet
boggle my intuition with your eyes
just don't start things with white lies
paranoia can tear down the walls
of what you thought were protected halls
fear consumes like vibrations of thunder
and every day I will continue to wonder
you cuddle in the same warm bed
and tell me there's nothing more to be said
nothing will ever truly weed out
everything that has created doubt
to you it's just one fib
to me it's now an ad-lib
plug 'n' play with the words that you like
but I'll never truly know if they're truly right
my world my air my water and my sun
if it happens again know that I'm done
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come back
as I drove away
in the early morning light
I knew  you would stay
and really take the fight
but shortly thereafter
a few days for so
was an email withought laughter
you said you had to go
so with each sunrise
it's  light blues and greys
I see your eyes
and mourn those happy days
the part of me that died
the whole of me that loves
continues this day to cry
gone to heaven with the doves
and in this parallel
where we still can be
our whispers of love still swell
of loving faithfully
it is not to last
this I know
like an arm in a cast
but please don't go
I can not give up my fight
not with how I feel
not this or any night
I know that this is real
I do not wish ill
on the choice you made
it is your own will
it's your price to pay
I may like it not
it doesn't stop my yerning
though others I have sought
the wheels won't stop turning
my heart's for you forevermore
no one out there is more perfect
you truly are my heaven's door
not one could have this effect
I hope you come
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my perfect dream
I hate waking up
For fear that you were a dream
The love that I yern  for
Gone now to wence you came
When you leave
My home is as empty
As a jaxk-o-lantern
And my heart bleeds
Just to hear your voice,
Just to know you're real
To know you weren't
Just the perfect dream
Because how else
Could someone be
So close to perfect
The streams of tears
That paint my face
At arriving home
Again alone
My dismay and misery
Mimic the dark grey skys
of Germany
every inch of me aches
just to feel my hand in yours
to hear you whistle
in the other room
you're right there
not far
just so close
I miss you
To describe my pain
My emptieness
When you're away
Is like trying to
Describe the light,
When you know nothing
But darkness
The pain in my chest
Like a burning
My heart's on fire
Mourning the distance
I want to sleep,
So I don't have to remember
My waking moments
Solitary on my path
Outside of work
I have no company
Save you.
You are my best friend
The one I stay up late
And tell my darkest sece
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me n zach by my-emo-life me n zach :iconmy-emo-life:my-emo-life 0 0
love affair
We share a love affair.
Musical minds, fickle fingers,
Hearty hips with frantic feet
Loushish lips 'n' cherrub cheeks.
We dance and sway
In love's grand way.
Our bodies meld
Eachother held,
Two halfs make one
Can't come undone.
When time has faded
Know I waited.
Two lovers part
He has my heart.
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oct 2009 by my-emo-life oct 2009 :iconmy-emo-life:my-emo-life 0 0
brown eyes
Brown eyes,
staring back into mine.
The vibrance of color astounds.
showing untold feeling
and unbearable pain
caused by lies and deception.
a heart in decay,
slowly unstiching.
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me febuary 1, 2009 by my-emo-life me febuary 1, 2009 :iconmy-emo-life:my-emo-life 0 1
paradise kisses
Your hands lightly touch
caressing, soothing doubts.
Calming the flutter in my chest.
I shake,
the world freezes.
Fingers sizzle across my cheek.
I'm lost in lustful lingering surrender.
For the last time you kiss me,
your paradise kisses melt me.
But alas
all is bittersweet
like every sunset
the world is hushed,
and I cry.
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love is life's medicine
My heart slows
The sole bump-bumps
like the Raven crowing
and flying away.
Fading and faint to figure
my heart is shoved
back into its place
by an unmerciful hand
left with detached veins
a ghasp
before it scares the breath
from my lungs
a rushing exhaile
in my minds eye
a shock
an electricution
a ghasp
a shock to relive
to continue
where I left off
with another
to die
then to live
to keep love
to learn it
relive it
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put put golf by my-emo-life put put golf :iconmy-emo-life:my-emo-life 0 2 Prom by my-emo-life Prom :iconmy-emo-life:my-emo-life 0 3
written picture
Trying to save a moment
And caging it with words.
Just as though it were a caged Hyacinth Macaw,
It's bright blue color dulled
By mettal bars.
Capturing an event
Like creating a written picture.
But even
Like that caged Macaw
The event is so dulled
It can never be described
Perfectly for a reader
So each detail
The love shared,
The glimering lights.
Oh how we shone
And shimmered.
Are just written words,
But is still felt by
Thoes who captured it
In their mind's eye,
By thoes who were
For that night,
Movie stars.
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Wench-ness by my-emo-life Wench-ness :iconmy-emo-life:my-emo-life 0 4


Screw This City by Cloudeme Screw This City :iconcloudeme:Cloudeme 6 10



I love to play the sax and I'm in the US Air Force.

Current Residence: KOREA!!!
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Favourite photographer: my dad
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Personal Quote: "belive in others to belive in you" "I NEED GOOD KARMA DICE!"


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